Chad Waldron's Momentary Film Regarding a Wooden Board from Waldron Bros Production on Vimeo.

A short film about a hand shaped Alaia and the cylindrical places you can go on just a simple piece of wood.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So i'm going in this Little Weeds Stab mag and billabong competition. Thought it would be a bit of fun. See how my skills stack up against the others. Sure the prize for the film maker isn't as good as the photographers prize (photog gets a yr contract with stab. Film maker gets to make  a movie that will come out free with the mag) but hey i figure it should open up new doors.

So when i entered i had a heap of stand up footage that we just picked up along our way, but nothing edited. So i put up a couple of boogie clips and a couple of days later banged out a little surfing clip out and put it up there. So here is the surfing clip hope you like it. if ya do dont forget to stab (vote) me!

Surfing Hawaii and Bali from Waldron Bros Production on Vimeo.

Some surfing footage that i picked up along the way when i was filming my bodyboarding dvds. Shot in Hawaii 06-07 and this season 09. As well as Bail May 08.

Made for The Little Weeds competition


Sam McIntosh said...

Hey Chad,

I know it seems like you've got the lamest prize but we're waiting on an answer from Sony about hardware for prizes. Apparently, they've got some wild new camera that the winner will get. We just can't spruik it until it's confirmed, though... Looks like you're getting plenty o support. Well played.

info said...

hey Sam,

I wasn't companying if you where wondering haha. I would love to opportunity to work with you guys. Not to mention how much i would love a new camera from Sony too :) I'm really interested to see how wild this new camera is....

Yeah i'm pretty surprised at the amount of support i've been getting. I didn't think i would have a chance.

Here is my email if you want to contact me.

Matt said...

i was just thinking today how good it would be so to hear more mercy arms on surfing flicks, then BAM! haha, this is so good, it's like surfing BPP haha. best of luck! you deserve it!!

info said...

hhaha pitty there breaking up.

I almost used that song for bens vid. Good song hey

wellsy said...

whinging bondi cunt

Mr Charles said...

Just to say I finished watching Ben Player Project a few minutes ago and would like to say thanks. Or as we say in Portual: "Muito obrigado".

Note: yeah I bought the original.